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suzcat jewellery
I create jewellery using crystals & Austrian crystals & can create a matching set including a necklace, bracelet & earrings. The crystals shown are clear quartz; amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, lapiz lazuli & fluorite. I can source other colours as to your requirements. I always add a sterling silver toggle & bar, or a lobster clasp to the necklaces, as preferred.
The Ivy earrings (matching pendant also available), butterfly, & disc with heart cut out, & the plain heart, are all hand-crafted by #suzcat from 999 pure silver. (The earwires/chains are 925 sterling silver & not made by #suzcat)
So, as, to include something for everyone. From time to time I source crystal pendants, such as the blue chalcedony (blue Beryl) pendant. These pendants can also be a centre piece on a crystal bead necklace. As can sterling silver charms, such as the sterling silver Celtic knot/crescent moon pendant.
They are presented in either an organza voile bag, or an embroidered satin pouch.
If the jewellery if for a present. Gift wrapping is free of charge. Please add that to the comments box on checkout. And, if you want to add a message, that can be printed out on a small card to accompany the gift.
Post & packing is per order, not per item.
If you would like to commission #suzcat to create a beautiful piece of jewellery for you or your loved ones, please send an email via the website to discuss your requirements.
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Love to All ❤

The Sea

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Written on 4/9/2012, 6th anniversary of my Mums passing.

I am enveloped by the sound of the sea

The waves beckoning to me

Sun light glitters all around

Memories of lives passed (past) abound

As a child in the sand

Mum and Dad nearby, hand in hand


I see myself as l was then

Four years old and again.

At 7 in Red Wharf Bay

A new friento play with

On an air bed out to sea

When suddenly the sea claims me

In deep, too deep

I didn’t die that time in 1969


But in times gone past, l was not that lucky

A wooden galleon capsized at sea

Split in two. No life remained.

Nor me.

And again on thedeck of the Titanic

He died with his head on my lap.

I lived.




My Champion ~ a poem by #suzcat (written 14 October, 2012)

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My champion

You were my strength

From time immemorial

We were separated for hundreds of years.

But now

Out of the blue, I appeared

From another space and time

Into your world, your life

Beginning my journey,  our journey

Once again

We know who we are

Yet, it is daunting.

We have evolved

Take me back to your heart,

Envelop me in your strong arms,

Keep me safe.

We blend, seamlessly,

No beginning, no end,

Us;  One To One

One step at a time.

For eternity

And so it is…

I wrote this about my Leo who was my first cat from 1982 to 1991 ~ a #suzcat poem

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Always there,

Waiting, wanting

You walk to greet me

As the key turns

You know I am there

Your lady and mistress

Who else would it be?

We walk together

Feet entwined

Into the room beyond

To sit and watch…

…Too tired to stir

But when you do, your eyes are bright

And off you go throughout the night

I am glad to have you here with me

You bring me comfort

I am sure you can see

And I am yours for the rest of your life

And I will love you forever more

And beyond

My lovely Leo.

My Leo ~

Mr Poochy Chops

I wrote this at Stansted Spiritual College on 30th June, 2009 ~ ‘Be’ a #suzcat poem

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Stand tall, stand strong

You do belong

Between the sky and the sea

It is all how it is meant to be

Between night & day

Don’t hurry, don’t wait

To walk through the gate

You are all that you are meant to be

Here and now for all eternity.

You are special and you are strong

Please continue to sing your song

Mould with the Universe and all that you see, sense, hear

It will become very clear

Shine your light on all around

Glistening jewels waiting to be found

Feel the peace in the stillness

The serenity in your soul

You are here for a reason

One soul, one voice of all

Like ripples on a lake

All together as one

No beginning no end

Be present, be infinite

And be.

I went  to #Stansted Hall Spiritual #College for the ‘Gateway to Spirit’ course back in Nov 2007 and then to the Mediumship awareness course in June 09 with my lovely friend Jane. It is such a brilliant place and because it is residential, you are with many like minded souls, all wanting to share and learn and enhance their spiritual gifts and communication with #spirit.


Bench By The Sea ~ a #suzcat poem

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NEAR AND FAR ~ a #suzcat poem

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